What did you learn in school today?

English Day at Høybråten skole.

All the students have had English Day today in school. We all dressed up in school uniforms. We started the day with a class assembly learning more about Great Britain, the queen and the English school system and listening to the British national anthem.
Since we don't have a school emblem, the students made their own. They also coloured the British flag. The students did an excellent job making emblems.
In addition to our regular school lunch, we had biscuits and tea. Not everybody liked the tea, for most students it was a new drink. Thank you, Year 6, for making 600 biscuits – they were delicious.

Shakespeare and other activities

April 23rd was chosen for English Day as it is Shakespeare Day. Many students had a brief introduction to Shakespeare. We've watched English movies, done different worksheets and sung English songs. The students in 3rd grade practiced a lot of English in the game "Find someone who...".